The Temporary State

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Typefaces of the Temporary State

Typefaces of the Temporary State is a library of fonts, created for different occasions and purposes with the ultimate goal to develop a self-sufficient set of tools for sovereign typesetting. Contextuality and planned mistakes are important aspects of the design and each character is given as much personal expression as possible without disrupting the required consistency of a typeface.

Language Support

The Typefaces support most of the languages written in Cyrillic alphabet, as well as most of the European languages of Latin script. The character set usually also includes a basic set of math symbols, a package of arrows and pointers, a smiley face, an uppercase typesetting punctuation kit, a tick, a star, a crossed out copyright sign, a pair of resolution test wheels and other more situational symbols and sets. The character set does not include the pound sign.

The Copyright Eye

The Copyright Eye oversees all possible intellectual property rights infrigements, though it’s sight is not panoptic and some typefaces are being neglected and given away with no copyright reserved as a result.

The Dummy Texts

Font preview dummy texts quote “Case Histories” section of “How to Start Your Own Country” book by Erwin S. Strauss, published in 1979.

Fonts In Use

“Fonts In Use” section of the website is currently under construction and we will be happy to receive photos of our typefaces in application.

Custom Typefaces and Other Inquiries

The possibility of creating custom typefaces, as well as other typographic work, is up for negotiation.